3Blind Mice hired Mamello “Mum-z” Mokoena as the social media manager for Skyy Vodka in 2016. With 10 years expeience in digital media and a comedic personality, Mum-z was the perfect candidate to give Skyy Vodka a voice that could connect with Skyy Vodka’s target marget.




Mum-z also featured as a lead in various Skyy Vodka photo shoots as he has a style, look and personality that fits the Skyy Vodka demographic.




Mum-z was also the presenter for Skyy Vodka’s Facebook LIVE feed of the L’Ormarin’s Queen’s Plate 2017. Throughout the day, Mum-z did various Facebook LIVE feeds to the Skyy Vodka fans who were not able to attend the event, giving them a first hand experience of the event directly to the Skyy Facebooks fans LIVE.

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